SpecificationsIdeal ForWomen'sTypeA-lineStyle CodeFK01-1Suitable ForWestern Wear..

Rs 2,999 Rs 702

DescriptionPeach-coloured and brown woven printed fit and flare dress, has a round neck, sleeveless,..

Rs 1,499 Rs 709

Key Features of Miss Chase Women's A-line Blue DressPolyester FabricMidi/Knee LengthParty Wear ..

Rs 1,899 Rs 1,259

DescriptionDress With Lace At The Bottom In Blue Color-SleevelessSpecificationsIdeal ForWomen'sTypeA..

Rs 1,999 Rs 719

FeaturesLength: Midi/Knee LengthFabric: GeorgetteOccasion: CasualFashion Sleeve Polka Print DressSpe..

Rs 1,899 Rs 719

SpecificationsIdeal ForWomen'sTypeA-lineStyle CodeD-126Suitable ForWestern WearSecondary ColorBluePa..

Rs 1,199 Rs 384

DescriptionShort Dress With Shiny Bone Edges At BeltSpecificationsIdeal ForWomen'sTypeA-lineStyle Co..

Rs 1,499 Rs 483

FeaturesLength: Midi/Knee LengthFabric: Polycotton LycraOccasion: PartySleeveless Houndstooth DressS..

Rs 1,199 Rs 669

SpecificationsIdeal ForWomenTypeA-lineStyle CodeFK02-2Suitable ForWestern Wear..

Rs 2,999 Rs 679

SpecificationsIdeal ForWomen'sTypeGatheredStyle CodeKLWST-011Suitable ForWestern WearNeckRound NeckF..

Rs 4,599 Rs 1,169

DescriptionA great day dress with pocket detailing and an attached waistbelt, pair this with printed..

Rs 1,699 Rs 1,069

FeaturesLength: Midi/Knee LengthFabric: PolygeorgetteOccasion: CasualSleeveless Solid DressBelt Incl..

Rs 1,999 Rs 599

SpecificationsIdeal ForWomen'sTypeFit and FlareStyle CodeGMLR064Suitable ForWestern WearPack of1Neck..

Rs 999 Rs 449

DescriptionThis peter pan collared dress will make heads turn. Pair with a great pair of statement e..

Rs 1,399 Rs 757

SpecificationsIdeal ForWomen'sTypeA-lineStyle Code3576PSuitable ForWestern WearPack of1NeckRound Nec..

Rs 1,499 Rs 429

SpecificationsIdeal ForWomen'sTypeA-lineStyle CodeGW-564Suitable ForWestern WearPack of1NeckFashion ..

Rs 999 Rs 499

FeaturesLength: Mini/ShortFabric: Single JerseyOccasion: CasualHalf Sleeve Solid DressDescriptionGre..

Rs 1,199 Rs 757

SpecificationsIdeal ForWomen'sStyle CodeSW-129Suitable ForWestern WearFabric CareDry Clean Only..

Rs 1,095 Rs 495

FeaturesLength: Midi/Knee LengthFabric: 100% PolyesterOccasion: CasualHalf Sleeve Printed DressSpeci..

Rs 1,495 Rs 921

FeaturesLength: Midi/Knee LengthFabric: PolyesterOccasion: CasualSleeveless Printed DressSpecificati..

Rs 999 Rs 634

SpecificationsIdeal ForWomen'sTypeMaxiStyle CodeLZA287-287-BKSuitable ForWestern WearPack of1NeckSco..

Rs 1,499 Rs 1,049

DescriptionTshirt Dresses Are The Perfect Balance Of Comfort And Style. Style Tip: Want To Dress Thi..

Rs 799 Rs 501

SpecificationsIdeal ForWomen'sTypeMaxiStyle CodeMC2880ESuitable ForWestern WearPack of1Fabric CareCa..

Rs 1,029 Rs 585

SpecificationsIdeal ForWomen'sTypeBandageStyle CodeD-0018Suitable ForWestern WearSecondary ColorBlac..

Rs 1,599 Rs 474

FeaturesLength: Midi/Knee LengthFabric: GeorgetteOccasion: CasualSleeveless Solid DressSpecification..

Rs 1,800 Rs 499

DescriptionShow off your curves with this dangerously hot bodycon dress.SpecificationsIdeal ForWomen..

Rs 1,099 Rs 596

SpecificationsIdeal ForWomen'sTypeSheathStyle Code1718209-Snow WhiteSuitable ForWestern WearFabric C..

Rs 1,995 Rs 1,046

SpecificationsIdeal ForWomen'sTypeSheathStyle CodeMC PF 13 D 01-08-62Suitable ForWestern WearNeckRou..

Rs 799 Rs 473

SpecificationsIdeal ForWomen'sTypeMaxiStyle CodeRB103Suitable ForWestern Wear..

Rs 1,250 Rs 490

FeaturesLength: Midi/Knee LengthFabric: GorggetOccasion: CasualSpecificationsIdeal ForWomen'sTypeMax..

Rs 1,450 Rs 479

FeaturesLength: Mini/ShortFabric: 100% PolyesterOccasion: PartySleeveless Solid DressSpecificationsI..

Rs 2,495 Rs 1,541

SpecificationsIdeal ForWomen'sTypeSheathStyle CodeBDP148ASuitable ForWestern WearFabric CareHand Was..

Rs 999 Rs 659

FeaturesLength: Midi/Knee LengthFabric: VISCOUSEOccasion: CasualFashion Sleeve Solid DressBelt Inclu..

Rs 1,299 Rs 719

FeaturesLength: Mini/ShortFabric: RayonOccasion: CasualSleeveless Solid DressSpecificationsIdeal For..

Rs 999 Rs 479

SpecificationsIdeal ForWomen'sTypeFit and FlareStyle CodeMNX-179-(1)Suitable ForWestern Wear..

Rs 1,299 Rs 419

FeaturesLength: Midi/Knee LengthFabric: SpandexOccasion: PartySpecificationsIdeal ForWomen'sTypeShea..

Rs 1,599 Rs 569

SpecificationsIdeal ForWomen'sTypeA-lineStyle CodeLF000104-SSuitable ForWestern WearNeckRound Neck..

Rs 2,499 Rs 769

SpecificationsIdeal ForWomen'sTypeMaxiStyle CodeGeorgette Long Black Cape DressSuitable ForWestern W..

Rs 999 Rs 411

FeaturesLength: Mini/ShortFabric: ViscoseOccasion: CasualSleeveless Solid DressBelt IncludedSpecific..

Rs 999 Rs 479

SpecificationsModel DetailsThis model has a height of 5 feet 8 inches and is wearing a Dress of Size..

Rs 2,399 Rs 909

SpecificationsIdeal ForWomen'sTypeLayeredStyle CodeLB313Suitable ForWestern Wear..

Rs 1,049 Rs 699

SpecificationsIdeal ForWomen'sTypeHigh LowStyle CodeLOF-6172-SG-S-R-BLUESuitable ForWestern Wear..

Rs 849 Rs 384

FeaturesLength: Mini/ShortFabric: Georgette, NetOccasion: CasualSleeveless Solid DressBelt IncludedS..

Rs 1,099 Rs 389

SpecificationsModel DetailsThis model has a height of 5 feet 9 inches and is wearing a Dress of Size..

Rs 3,200 Rs 1,220

SpecificationsIdeal ForWomen'sTypeShiftStyle CodeMC_DR_2057_BLUSuitable ForWestern WearPack of1Linin..

Rs 799 Rs 520

SpecificationsIdeal ForWomen'sTypeFit and FlareStyle CodeMCSS16D05-59Suitable ForWestern WearFabric ..

Rs 2,049 Rs 1,083

FeaturesLength: Mini/ShortFabric: 100% PolyesterOccasion: CasualSpecificationsIdeal ForWomen'sTypeA-..

Rs 999 Rs 509

FeaturesLength: Mini/ShortFabric: Cotton lycraOccasion: CasualSleeveless Striped DressSpecifications..

Rs 1,200 Rs 479

DescriptionFancy Laces? Here is your best choice. A fully laced top with laced 3/4th sleeves and a l..

Rs 3,599 Rs 1,894

SpecificationsIdeal ForWomen'sTypeA-lineStyle Code3576LSuitable ForWestern WearPack of1NeckRound Nec..

Rs 1,499 Rs 429

SpecificationsIdeal ForWomen'sTypeA-lineStyle CodeYDR10Suitable ForWestern WearPack of1NeckRound Nec..

Rs 1,399 Rs 733

SpecificationsIdeal ForWomen'sTypeGatheredStyle CodeEA1609Suitable ForWestern WearPack of1NeckOff Sh..

Rs 2,799 Rs 1,599

SpecificationsIdeal ForWomen'sTypeFit and FlareStyle CodeFK152-2Suitable ForWestern WearPack of1Char..

Rs 2,999 Rs 849

FeaturesLength: Mini/ShortFabric: 100% PolyesterOccasion: CasualSleeveless Solid DressSpecifications..

Rs 1,999 Rs 759

SpecificationsIdeal ForWomen'sTypeHigh LowStyle Code3180LCBSuitable ForWestern WearFabric CareHand W..

Rs 1,599 Rs 609

DescriptionA different take on the little black dress, this one is sure to be a showstopper. With ro..

Rs 1,799 Rs 680

 HighlightsBrand : Global DesiFabric : Poly ViscoseColor : BlueDisclaimer : Product color may s..

Rs 1,599 Rs 526

SpecificationsIdeal ForWomen'sTypeMaxiStyle CodeLZA337-336-NBSuitable ForWestern WearPack of1NeckRou..

Rs 2,599 Rs 679

FeaturesLength: Mini/ShortFabric: Single JerseyOccasion: PartyHalf Sleeve Solid DressDescriptionThis..

Rs 1,349 Rs 728

SpecificationsIdeal ForWomen'sTypeA-lineStyle Code144395Suitable ForWestern WearPack of1NeckV-NeckFa..

Rs 2,299 Rs 889

SpecificationsIdeal ForWomen'sTypeA-lineStyle CodewSuitable ForWestern WearPack of1Neckround neckFab..

Rs 2,999 Rs 1,269

DescriptionCottinfab brings for you black and white gathered fit and flare dress with round neck , h..

Rs 1,599 Rs 757

SpecificationsIdeal ForWomen'sTypeA-lineStyle CodeEA1428Suitable ForWestern WearNeckMandarin CollarF..

Rs 2,299 Rs 1,181

FeaturesLength: Mini/ShortFabric: CottonOccasion: PartySleeveless Solid DressDescriptionThis hot dre..

Rs 1,599 Rs 577

 HighlightsBrand : The VancaFabric : Poly GeorgetteColor : Fuchsia DescriptionSummer Cool ..

Rs 1,999 Rs 1,099

FeaturesLength: Mini/ShortFabric: RayonOccasion: CasualSleeveless Floral Print DressDescriptionGoodw..

Rs 999 Rs 569

SpecificationsIdeal ForWomen'sTypeA-lineStyle Code026BK_ESuitable ForWestern WearNeckRound Neck..

Rs 1,800 Rs 659

SpecificationsIdeal ForWomen'sTypeMaxiStyle CodeS002Suitable ForWestern Wear..

Rs 765 Rs 452

Item Details HighlightsBrand : Tops And TunicsFabric : PolyesterColor : Navy..

Rs 999 Rs 549

SpecificationsIdeal ForWomen'sTypeMaxiStyle Code4159Suitable ForWestern WearPack of1NeckV Neck..

Rs 1,949 Rs 1,038

SpecificationsIdeal ForWomen'sTypeGatheredStyle Code503DRS004B-DeminSuitable ForWestern WearPack of1..

Rs 599 Rs 474

SpecificationsIdeal ForWomen'sTypeShiftStyle CodeHBSP026HSuitable ForWestern WearPack of1NeckSpread ..

Rs 1,199 Rs 569

SpecificationsIdeal ForWomen'sTypeA-lineStyle CodeDRS1006-BlackSuitable ForWestern WearNeckRound Nec..

Rs 1,499 Rs 549

SpecificationsIdeal ForWomen'sTypePeplumStyle CodePSW14APL69Suitable ForWestern WearFabric CareGentl..

Rs 1,799 Rs 769


Rs 2,499 Rs 1,073

SpecificationsIdeal ForWomen'sTypeA-lineSuitable ForWestern WearNeckSquare NeckLining MaterialPolyes..

Rs 1,899 Rs 704

SpecificationsModel DetailsThis model has a height of 5 feet 8 inches and is wearing a Dress of Size..

Rs 3,800 Rs 1,440

SpecificationsIdeal ForWomen'sTypeA-lineStyle Code001G_ASuitable ForWestern Wear..

Rs 1,600 Rs 549

SpecificationsIdeal ForWomen'sTypeMaxiStyle CodeLZA326-326-AQSuitable ForWestern WearPack of1NeckRou..

Rs 2,599 Rs 679

SpecificationsIdeal ForWomen'sTypeA-lineStyle CodePSS15APLLCBUS05Suitable ForWestern WearPack of1Nec..

Rs 1,399 Rs 669

SpecificationsIdeal ForWomen'sTypeGatheredStyle CodeEA1611Suitable ForWestern WearPack of1NeckBoat N..

Rs 4,999 Rs 2,569

SpecificationsIdeal ForWomen'sTypeA-lineStyle CodeIE-247Suitable ForWestern Wear..

Rs 1,049 Rs 869

SpecificationsIdeal ForWomen'sTypeA-lineSuitable ForWestern WearPack of1NeckRound Neck..

Rs 999 Rs 685

DescriptionLook naturally beautiful when you don this beautifully crafted black fit and flare dress ..

Rs 1,099 Rs 784

FeaturesLength: Mini/ShortFabric: AcrylicOccasion: PartyHalf Sleeve Embellished DressSpecificationsI..

Rs 1,499 Rs 1,064

SpecificationsIdeal ForWomen'sTypeFit and FlareStyle CodeDRS042LSuitable ForWestern WearPack of1Neck..

Rs 999 Rs 659

SpecificationsIdeal ForWomen'sTypeMaxiStyle CodeLZA423-423-NBSuitable ForWestern WearPack of2NeckV N..

Rs 2,799 Rs 1,199

DescriptionThe Perfect Skater Dress For The Summer, Pair This With Kitten Heels And A Statement Neck..

Rs 999 Rs 649

DescriptionPink Floral Silk Skater Dress in Silk fabric, has a Round Neck, Santoon lining, Sleeveles..

Rs 1,499 Rs 856

SpecificationsIdeal ForWomen'sTypeA-lineSuitable ForWestern WearPack of1NeckRound neckFabric CareDry..

Rs 1,500 Rs 759

SpecificationsIdeal ForWomen'sTypeHigh LowStyle CodeLOF-6170-SG-S-FUSCHIASuitable ForWestern Wear..

Rs 849 Rs 429

SpecificationsIdeal ForWomen'sTypeShiftStyle CodeMCSS16D07-25Suitable ForWestern WearPack of1NeckRou..

Rs 1,149 Rs 823

DescriptionEnjoy a trendy appearance whenever you wear this printed dress from Orous. The attractive..

Rs 1,499 Rs 579

DescriptionWomen's multicolor floralprint A-Line dressSpecificationsIdeal ForWomen'sTypeA-lineStyle ..

Rs 999 Rs 479

This stylish dress from BIBA will add to your elegance. Wear it with a pair of flats and carry a sli..

Rs 1,099 Rs 624

SpecificationsIdeal ForWomen'sTypeMaxiStyle CodeEFG0001241Suitable ForWestern WearNeckRound NeckFabr..

Rs 2,599 Rs 851

FeaturesLength: Mini/ShortFabric: 100% AcrylicOccasion: CasualSpecificationsIdeal ForWomen'sTypeShea..

Rs 1,399 Rs 999

SpecificationsIdeal ForWomen'sTypeMaxiStyle CodeTC00D00602Suitable ForWestern WearPack of1NeckBoat n..

Rs 3,499 Rs 1,049

SpecificationsIdeal ForWomen'sTypeFit and FlareStyle Code1320 redSuitable ForWestern WearPack of1Nec..

Rs 1,299 Rs 555

FeaturesLength: Mini/ShortFabric: 100% PolyesterOccasion: CasualSleeveless Printed DressSpecificatio..

Rs 1,899 Rs 719
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